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Dean Linke, Sports Broadcaster

Play x Play (All Sports), Emcee, PR, Corporate Partnerships


Anson Dorrance, Coach/Color Commentator

Sunil Gulati, President, United States Soccer Federation

Kevin Egan, Color Analyst for BTN & Chicago Fire

Tony DeSanti, Producer/Director

Ken Neal, Producer

Tony DiCicco, Coach/Color Commentator

Eric Grossman, Producer/Director

Kyndra de St. Aubin, Color Commentator

"I have worked with Dean in so many capacities. We called WUSA games together for Comcast and Time Warner. He has called many ACC games over the years. He is also an excellent writer, covering all aspects of the game. He cares about his profession and he always goes the extra mile to get it right. He is a true ambassador for the sport, including the women's game, and the sport would benefit from hearing more from him."

Anson Dorrance


"Dean has covered several of my games when I was coaching in the WPS and I watch many of his college games as a great tool for research. Dean does the homework for every single game. He is always prepared and professional. And, he knows the game, sees the entire field, always knowing which player has the ball and which player is about to receive it. He is a pleasure to work with."

                                  Tony DiCicco


"Dean Linke's work as a play-by-play man is like having an extra director in the booth. He is always willing and capable of writing fantastic teases, shedding light on all aspects of every game he calls, working in his broadcast partners and taking direction from the truck. I always know a Dean Linke-game is going to have every angle covered. As a producer, that is a luxury that is always welcome."

Anthony DeSanti


"Having worked with Dean on the NSCAA Game of the Week package for the past five years, I can honestly say, that I never have a single doubt that Dean is 110% prepared. He scouts both teams as if he was an opposing coach. He does all of the homework well in advance of the game. He is an outstanding writer, capable of writing and even producing the teases and in-game drops. He cares about his profession and is always very respectful of the entire broadcast team, in the truck and in the booth. Dean Linke makes my job as producer/director seamless ... hard to ask for more than that from your play-by-play man."

Eric Grossman


"I have worked with Dean Linke on women's soccer games on Fox Soccer Channel and The Big Ten Network for the past 4 years and he is one of the best in the business. There is nobody that comes to the game as prepared

and informed as Dean. He takes the time to do his research, not just on stats but on on important details of players, coaches and the schools. He is an absolute pleasure to work with in the broadcast booth. Dean loves

what he does and you can hear the passion and enthusiasm for the game in his voice during the broadcast. Also very important, he always knows how to use his color commentator. Every game I call with Dean is better than the last one, because he always puts the work in and he's so incredibly easy to

work with."

Kyndra de St. Aubin,

Color Commentator